About Us..

House of the Scriptures is a ministry that believes in a triune God manifested in our Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Set Apart Spirit).
-Our Purpose: To challenge you to put your faith in action. We want to open our hearts and extend multiple resources to you.
-Our objective: To know and establish a deeper relationship with God throughout Jesus, our savior, the one who cleans and carried our sins. However, this is not just a decision but it is a lifetime journey. How do we achieve that? Throughout the Scripture. However, first you need to understand a fundamental fact.
In the beginning, God created a master plan (a perfect blueprint). In that plan, He stipulated everything: what to eat, how to maintain a relationship with Him, instructions and laws to follow. Despite our disobedience, God, who never change His Word, has made a covenant after covenant to keep us close to Him, including His Son, as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. This way God created a streamline (a bridge) between the human kind and Him.

You are part of this master blueprint. We are inviting you to join us and let’s embrace this journey together.